Tayanna is currently engaged on numerous Projects over the length of Mozambique Tete, Manica, Pemba, Montepuez and Balama on numerous contracting and mining disciplines as highlighted below.

Syrah Resources:- Contract Mining (Graphite) North Mozambique

Award of initial 3.5 Year Open Cast Mining Contract on the worlds largest Graphite mine

Contract Value: US$34,689,928.72
Value of Work Completed: US$ 10,637,038.25
Start Date: 3 August 2016
(All figures exclude 17% IVA)

  • 2019 Mining volume to end of March = 242,306 BCM’s which is in line with their planned production schedule.
  • Total Mining Volume for Contract to date = 2,163,449 BCM’s Tayanna are yet to miss a monthly target and trust we will continue with this through 2019.
  • Mining Volumes for 2019 have increased from Q2 to Q4 as earlier advised at the end of 2018.
  • Tayanna are currently carrying out a planned R&M scheme on our primary Load and Haul fleet to ensure we are able to achieve the higher volumes going forward.
  • We are currently in discussions with the client to negotiate our 2 year extension we hope to have this concluded by the end of April 2019. Extension will be from December 2019 to December 2021.
  • SYRAH plan to construct 2 number pollution control dams in the coming months (April to June) which we will quote on and are confident we will be able to secure. Value of works we estimate to be close to $750,000 - $1,000,000 USD.
  • Currently Tayanna are the only contractor on site with earthmoving equipment.
  • Tailings Facility # 2 which is in our budget we are seeking the timing on this coming week, the construction has to commence this year.
  • With the direct flight from Pemba to Tete, we are spreading key human resources to control our contracts in the 2 regions.

Letter of Reference

Syrah Mine Project Tayanna

Minas Moatize – Coal Mine – Tete

Contract Value: US$ 18,000,000                             
Value of Work Completed: US$0.00
Value of Preliminary works/ Plant Hire to date: US$60,000.00
Start Date: T.B.A

  • We are currently completing the preliminary works on upgrading the haul roads and pit tidy up with the de watering completed. This is in preparation of commencing mining operations.
  • We have submitted quotes both for:
    • 2 month interim plant rental contract which leads into the 18 month, this is valued at $650,000 USD.
    • 18 Month Mining contract – Valued at $18 Million USD.
  • We have been told informally (Client is renting cottage from Tayanna and staying with us) we have been nominated as the preferred contractor for both the 2 month and 18 month contracts.
  • We trust we will have clarity on commencement dates and award during the 1st week of April.

Mocambique Leaf Tobacco

Construction of Earth Dams for small growers

Commencement Date: August 2017
Contract Value: $180,000.00


Omnia Gold Mine

Supply of Mining Equipment

Commencement Date: September 2017
Duration: tba
Contract Value: tba


Syrah Resources:- Tailings Storage Facility Project

Construction of Tailing Storage Facility Earth Dam

Commencement Date: July 2017
Duration: 4.5 months
Contract Value: US$2.6million


Battery Minerals

Bulk Sample Extraction Phase # 1 of Graphite reserve on remote site in the Calbo Delgado Province

Commencement Date: May 2017
Current Contract Value:  US$+/- $250,000

  • Access Road Upgrade
  • Internal Mining Road Establishments
  • Bush Clearing
  • Overburden Removal
  • Ore Extraction
  • Transport of Ore from Remote site to Crushing Plant – 260km
  • Crushing and Screening
  • Survey

Jindal Coal Mine - Tete

Contract for Major In pit Haulage operations on Jindal Tete Coal Open Pit.

Contract Value: US$ 7,074,900
Value of Work Completed: US$ 859,605.39
Start Date: 9 February 2019
(All figures exclude 17% IVA)

  • Tayanna have started this new contract very well exceeding our expected volumes. Planned volume for first month was 100,000 BCM we achieved 180,466 BCM’s.
  • Our steady state contractual volume is 200,000 BCM per month based on our current outputs we are able to achieve 240,000 BCM per month 20% higher. The client has accepted that we are able to exceed the 200,000 BCM’s and mine at our capacity of 240,000 BCM’s.
  • The addition of the new Volvo EC750 Excavator and CAT D7 Dozer have allowed us to reach these higher volumes.
  • The new Sino Tippers and Water Bowser will commence works immediately at Jindal which will allow us to off hire 3 x rental units we currently have on site, this will improve our P&L from April onwards.

Jindal Coal Mine Tete

BATTERY MINERALS (Suni Resources) Greenfield Graphite Project

Duration: 10 Months
Contract Value: $3.8 Million USD

  • 60km of Access Road Upgrade and construction.
  • Internal Mine Access Roads
  • Plant Access Roads
  • Mine Haul Road Establishment
  • Plant Earthworks and Civils
  • Tailings Storage Facility
  • Terraces for 100 Man Camp
  • 7 Km Raw Water Pipe Line

Macs in Moz

Bush Clearing
2 number Balancing Dams
8.71km Water Pipe Line - 550 ND Classes 6 & 9
Construction of Weir

Commencement Date: October 2017
Duration: 4 months
Contract Value: $890,000 


Syrah Resources: Raw Water Pipeline

Tayanna were awarded a 15km pipeline linking raw water dam to the processing plant.

Commencement Date: June 2017
Duration: 5 months
Contract Value: US$1.93 million

  • HDPE pipes 225 OD PN10        2 km
  • HDPE pipes 315 OD PN10         4 km
  • HDPE pipes 315 OD PN 12.5     2.7 km
  • HDPE pipes 315 OD PN 16         1.8 km
  • HDPE pipes 315 OD PN 20         3.7 km
  • HDPE pipes 315 OD PN 25        1.6 km
  • Total Length 15.4 km
  • Installation of submersible raw water supply pumps x 2no
  • Installation and erection of raw water transfer tanks x 1no
  • Installation of 50mm2- 33KV electrical supply cable including trefoil strapping
  • Installation of 12 Core Single Mode Fiber Optic cable.

Mustang Resources

Principle Mining Contractor on the Montepuez Ruby Green Fields Project

Commencement Date: August 2016
Contract Value to Date: US $1.4 million

  • Open Cast Contract Mining
  • Plant ROM Feed
  • Road Works
  • Survey
  • Camp Establishment

Xtract Gold Mine

Tayanna were the principle mining contractor on the Manica Green Fields Project for Phase 1 of 4 of the Alluvial Gold Mining project.

Commencement Date: August 2016
Duration: 10 year project for the life of the mine
Contract Value: US $2.7 million